Does Living Standards’ Improvement Trend Damage Environment?

My answer is definitely positive. The main question here is whether the benefits we obtain overweight the damage and risks we have to undergo. For example, we are all used to the fact that at the dairy store we can buy eggs and milk. At the local bakery we can buy bread and pastries. The majority of supermarkets can provide you with everything you need.

One of the main problems is that we throw away a lot of products’ packaging. In this way we’re becoming a disposable society. Just think how many different containers and wrappings are used and immediately thrown away. These things then have to be transported to the long distances by trailers and eventually pollute our environment. We are so used to live in the comfortable world, that we do not like the idea of buying food in the containers which are possible to be used more than once.

Another example is that people like wooden furniture and nothing will ever change them. They will buy it till the end of their days. The thing is that we can replace it with particle board, but we won’t, because we like conveniences.

Do you remember the time when there was no car for each family member, when there was only one bathroom and one telephone in the house? We have changed everything completely because we have always wanted more and more. What is the most important – we truly believe that we are in a strong need of all the things I’ve mentioned above! Anyway, the problem is that apart from the convenient life, we also get a lot of pollution.