Does the Problem of Global Warming Exist?

The theory of global warming, or “greenhouse effect” has been a popular bugaboo for many years and still is supported by the majority of scientific and political authorities all over the world. The main idea standing behind this term is that the average temperature over the globe gradually increases due to the anthropogenic reasons, most commonly considered to be the emission of “greenhouse gases” which unavoidably accompany industrial production.

Over the years, this notion has been used by leftish political parties and ecological organizations like Greenpeace to restrict the industry, impose taxes on large businesses and lobby other corresponding policies. However, during all this time there existed and still exists a constant minority of thinkers who consider the global warming to be a myth. Among them there are a number of scientists, some right-wing politicians and organizations, like libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute. Their opinion has found recently major evidence which proves that many of the advocates of the global warming don’t believe in it themselves.

The scandal called Climategate (in analogy to Watergate scandal) happened after thousands of emails have been stolen from the databases of the University of East Anglia (one of the major providers of statistical information on climate change) and later published, showing that its employees have been for a long time falsifying their reports, preventing the scientists, whose opinion opposes theirs, from publishing their works, misinterpreting information, destroying e-mails on this topic and so on. The employees of the university offered explanations, but the creed of global warming has suffered a considerable blow.

All this means one thing and one thing only – when there is no unanimity even among the scientists, who are supposed to base their opinions on solid facts, how can we be sure that the thing in question exists at all?