How to Write a Paper on Global Warming

Writing a paper on global warming can be rather tricky task, as a lot of specific information is needed and certain peculiarities exist. We propose to your consideration an exemplary paper on this topic so as you can analyze it and write your own one on its basis.

Nature and climate are in the constant evolution and change. In the majority of cases this transformation process is significantly slower, than the life expectancy of the generation. Therefore, we cannot evidence and observe how nature around us is evolving, unless we specifically address related literature and tools that help us to do so. It used to be this way till very recent past, but, more and more during the last decade we hear about the phenomena of global warming and its effects on our life.

A lot of literature and TV programs introduce us in the latest changes in global climate and nature transformation, such as melting ice of the South and North Poles, average sea water level increase globally, etc. All these events are the causes for extinction of the various species and significant change in the geographical layout of particular areas.

Temperature records are becoming common in different places of the world: Brazil is suffering from extreme winter, Russia is diving in high summer temperature and droughts, while Europe is drawing in everlasting rains. All these changes happened during five to ten years. For the first time in our planet’s history the humanity can evidence rapid changes that can be seen and experienced by one generation in full. What are the consequences of the global warming and what should we expect in the nearest future?

We are not in control of the nature, but we undoubtedly one of the strongest elements of nature cycle, as each and every human activity has it reflection in the nature. It is high time time to re-evaluate and re-analyse the role of the humans in today’s environment and start turning our destructive activities into constructive cooperation.