Research Paper On Anna Frank

Anna Frank was, seemingly, just an ordinary Jewish girl, who attained worldwide fame for writing a personal diary. What made her story so special? Part of its significance comes from the extraordinary circumstances her family had to live in.

Anna was born in Germany, but moved to Netherlands and was trapped there when the country was occupied by the Nazis. Because of the anti-semitic laws Anna lost her official nationality that used to be German. To avoid persecution Franks had to move to the hidden rooms in Otto Frank’s (Anna’s father) office building and stay there for two years without leaving their shelter. A few of the employees of the company that was in the building were informed about the fugitives and helped them. This period of time is portrayed in the girl’s diary, which was later preserved by the “helpers”. After that, however, the German Security Police was tipped off about their concealment and the members of the family were transported to concentration camps. Both Anna and her elder sister died from typhus, following their mother’s death, and only their father survived and later proceeded to publish Anna’s diary.

Anna Frank left behind an invaluable commentary on war and its influence upon human lives. The fact that the author of this work is an ordinary young girl, who described things that she experienced and her own impressions, combining both regular events and those related to war, makes it more momentous. A truthful insider made it possible for many others to take a look at what it was like to be a victim of the Holocaust. Anna’s story is not just sad, it is also uplifting, despite the unhappy ending. Anna’s courage, wisdom and ability to maintain dignity makes it a source of inspiration for anyone undergoing hardships.