Sample of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay- what is it

An argumentative essay is a type of thesis or composition where you have to present your view and attempt to convince others that your facts and arguments are correct. Your view should be backed up by a few examples, reasons and logics. Generally, argumentative essays are not similar to other types of essays. When you develop such an essay, you need to make your claims through your composition so that it will be open for debate. However, the content and the claims that you make in the essay must be valid.

When you are structuring an argumentative essay, you are not supposed to position a fact as facts are undeniable. When you are writing something obvious which cаn’t be denied аnywаy, it means you have structured something definite with the aim of making it informative. However, such essay cannot be argued or debated as the facts are real.

The thing you need to do in order to structure an argumentative essay is to establish a claim that is debatable. Your piece should declare and at the same time confirm something through different facts and statistics. It should be done in such a way that the entire work appears in a rational and logical manner.

Make sure you haven’t put any personal preferences on the essay topics. You might like something, but others may not. So, biased information shouldn’t appear in your argumentative essay. On the contrary, it should create an urge among others to argue on the topic with different reasons pro and contra as well as with logic. Whatever the fact is, make sure that the essay is appealing and generate interest among the readers to take part in the debate.