Sample of Persuasive Essay

Problem of Elementary Schools

When we talk about elementary school education we imagine that a child should know everything about something and something about everything. The system tries to incorporate every single bit of knowledgein the high schoo l program including history course for math classes and art education for technical schools. Every child is, however, an individual and he or she should be given more choice to decide in which direction to evolve.

Therefore, I believe that elementary school education is extremely overloaded with different conceptual subjects and children will never use them in their lives.

Let us look, for example, at the mandatory elementary school subjects such as history, mathematics, art and even science. These classes make a strong emphasis on reasoning and conceptual understanding of the course, while practical application is very often unclear for the majority of students. This can be seen from the research prepared by the Massachusetts Educational Board when seventy five out of hundred students that took part in the research could not apply the knowledge they got from the most recent science classes to real life situation.

Low performance of elementary school students in science classes makes it clear that schools lack practical educational that would boost their interests in the course. It is scientifically proved that children under 10 years old tend to learn using visual memory and, therefore, practical learning and case study method is preferable for the elementary school program.

These arguments prove that it is important for the US elementary school educational programs to incorporate more practical classes in their curriculum. At least 50% of learning process time should be dedicated to case study method of tutoring. This will interest children in education process and increase overall performance.